About Us

Vasco Electronics - technology, comfort, security

We are a manufacturer of dedicated mobile devices. Thanks to our experience and dedicated R&D team, our products are tailored to our customers’ individual needs. Moreover, we make sure that they are always easy to use and intuitive.

We offer voice translators, electronic dictionaries, multifunctional devices for travellers and security tools such as burglar alarms.

We are continuously working on improving our products and implementing new solutions.


Our mission is to create products of the highest quality that are technologically advanced and, at the same time, very intuitive and simple. We want to bring technology to those who are still afraid of it. Thus, our main goal is simplicity and functionality.


Vasco Electronics combines electronic translators with functions such as GPS navigation and telephone with free incoming calls abroad.

At present, we offer the following devices:

Vasco Translator a cutting-edge voice translator
Vasco Traveler a versatile device for travellers
Vasco Solid a waterproof, shockproof and dustproof device for travellers

In progress:

Vasco City Guide all you need while visiting a city
Vasco Communicator a device for the deafblind to communicate with the world
Vasco Camper a device for camper drivers

Tailored to your needs

Vasco Electronics realises individual orders for corporations and institutions. We design and create devices tailored to our customers’ needs and suggestions. Among our customers there are police offices, prison services, customs offices, emergency services, public institutions, government units, travel agencies, schools and universities.

Presence in the world

Our products are currently available on the markets of Europe, the United States and Canada. We plan to extend our entrepreneurship to Asia, Australia and South America.

High-quality customer service

We put a lot of effort to making our customer service the highest quality. Our experts advise customers before purchase and take care of any problem after purchase, should such a problem occur. In all the countries we sell to, we enable our customers to call a local number and talk to our customer services in the local language.